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FOX News
Mar 3, 2012 1:00am PST
. a southern indiana town completely wiped out. several people are reported dead in area and the numbers are expected to rise. we'll check in with rick reichmuth at the fox news weather center in a bit. joining us now on the phone, john gordon, meteorologist near kentucky. john, what can you tell us about the area and what you are hearing about the damage throughout this area? >> bret, that is going on, we had super cell thunderstorms producing storms in indiana. we're in the process we are still issuing tornado warnings south and east of louisville area. significant damage obviously. loss of life in southern indiana, which we are very sad about. we're still trying to issue warnings from the national weather service to protect life and property across kentucky and the eastern side, cutting toward the lexington area. south of there right now. >> bret: just to be clear, for people listening in. warning means a tornado has been sighted or is on the ground somewhere. people need to act quickly. >> bret: absolutely. the prediction center put out a dangerous situation this morning. we had info
Mar 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
bearing down on henryville, indiana, yesterday. witnesses say the town is almost demolished. rescuers say one person here was killedth this are also incredible tales of survival. crews found a 2-year-old girl alive if had this indiana field last night. hospital officials say she is the om survivor of a family of five. at least 14 people in indiana died in the storm. >> the small town of west liberty, kentucky took a direct hit. and the death toll in that state stand as the 19. this is what the weather radar showed at the height of the storms. a band of severe weather from the gate lake to the gulf state >> one of the communities hardest hit is coloming to grip with the devastation and loss of life caused by the disruptive tornadoes. report craig boswell joins us live from marysville, indiana with more >> creag. >> reporter: ken, good evening to you and there is a path of destruction across the hoosier state. 14 confirmed fatalities. it's an unnerving scene, concrete slabs were home used to be. stay tuned homeowners are digging through what remains. >> you can't believe it until you se
Mar 3, 2012 5:00pm PST
populate by millions. the worst damage is centered in southern indiana and eastern kentucky. scott goldberg reports. >> reporter: throughout clarks county in southern indiana, the devastation is overwhelming and total. >> once again, mother nature deeding with indiana. >> entire communities, homes, schools, and businesses are gone. >> we lost it. and we're with you. it's not just government. this is their neighbors here to help. >> the friday twisters threatened millions of people from the gulf coast to the great lakes. the national weather service issued nearly 300 tornado warnings on friday, making it one of the worst days in u.s. history. and it wasn't over. thunderstorms rocked georgia this morning, bringing more damage. the twisters struck so quickly and with such force that many barely had time to get away. >> we thought we had 11 minutes and within two seconds it came through and blew the house off the foundation. >> in henrysville it lifted the roof of the school while the students were inside. >> if you walked through my car and through that hallway right there, we were just behind
Mar 3, 2012 7:00pm PST
tell it hit the school with all of the turbulence. >> life in henryville, indiana may never be the same. you can say that about so many communities in the path of these storms. at least 37 people have died. 14 of them were in indiana. and we learned that the tornado that hit henryville was an ef-4. that means sustained winds up to 200 miles per hour, we're talking nascar speeds here. it cut a path 52 miles long and it was as wide as 1 1/2 football fields. the damage, of course, is catastrophic. about 180 miles away, another town is obliterated. west liberty, kentucky. an ef-3 blew through the heart of this small town. winds were as high as 165 miles per hour. it seems no building was spared. the roofs are peeled off some. others were blasted to the ground. kentucky got some of the worst of it. 18 people died there. let's meet some of the brave people of henryville now. there a twister took away a family's home, but took a father, a dad. >> reporter: here in clark county, indiana, in henryville, only one person didn't survive that killer tornado. he's 64-year-old wayne hunter. this is th
FOX News
Mar 3, 2012 3:00am PST
school bus through the front of a diner in henryville, indiana, plus an entire town has been wiped off the map by devastating twisters. we will go live to the hardest hit areas. >>dave: and gas prices climb for the 25th straight day. there is no end in sight. can anything be done to ease your pain at the pump? >> it could cost you billions to bail out the auto industry but chevrolet is pulling the plug on the volt with poor sales. "fox & friends" begins right now. >>alisyn: good morning, everyone, and right to the breaking news, it has been devastated throughout the midwest. we are waking up to the weather alert because deadly twisters have torn up the country. >> tons of hopes ripped to pieces days after around round of tornadoes and some of the west damage in southern indiana, tornadoes leave 14 people dead there. >> we have total destruction in northeast clark county. and we have total destruction in parts of southern scott county. we have total destruction in parts of washington county. we have multiple fatalities that we are aware in the three counties. >>clayton: a dozen people k
FOX News
Mar 3, 2012 7:00pm EST
more about rescuers in indiana who found a 2-year-old little girl in the middle of a field miles from her home town. she was all alone with no one around her. we have brand new details on that. and more up close video showing the storm's destructive path. you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. >> i didn't take my eyes off of it. it was mez merizing and scary at the same time. when i grow up, i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're ner done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get my car back. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. get this free travel bag when you join at i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] t
Mar 3, 2012 10:00pm PST
intervention live to see another day. we begin in henryville, indiana one of the hardest-hit communities. if you're this close, run to the safest place or it could be the last thing you see. lucky the i-reporter who shot this video did survive. >> [ bleep ]. we got to get in the house. that was [ bleep ]. look at that. holy -- my god. my friend lives right over there, too. oh, god. come on, nick. that is nuts. [ bleep ]. >> same town, same storm, but a different man who has to duck into a gas station for cover. a fiercesome sight of a swirling mass closeby tearing up the landscape. he says he was driving when the massive twister started bearing down. he barely got off the road in time and picked the right place to hold up. >> the vehicles on 160 were turned over in front of us. we saw the marathon station across the street completely leveled. nothing left of it. it then kept moving to the east, and then you could tell it hit the school with all of the t turbulence. >> life in henryville, indiana may never be the same, and you can say that about so many communities in the path of these ex
Mar 3, 2012 7:00am PST
. the latest storms hit indiana, ohio, kentucky and the deep south. you're looking at video which shows a huge tornado hitting henryville, indiana. authorities there say tornadoes wiped out some rural communities. and as you can see, some towns were just flattened. survivors describe it as complete destruction. coming up at 7:30, we'll have a live report from henryville, where a tornado leveled neighborhoods there and swept school buses into buildings. >>> this morning in san francisco a few dozen people who cannot afford health insurance will receive much- needed medical care. and some of these procedures will potentially save their lives. allie rasmus is live this morning at the kaiser perm a medical center in the city with more. >> reporter: we're outside kaiser hospital, and through these entrance doors here there are 30 people who are about to undergo surgery this morning for free. it's part of a program kaiser has been doing for nearly 20 years. this is video from past years called operation access, and the goal is to help low income and uninsured people in the community, there are lot o
Mar 3, 2012 9:00am PST
news. the second tornado outbreak this week. cameras captured this apparent twister in borden, indiana, late friday and this morning. nbc news is confirming at least 32 deaths in three states. the storms moved east overnight in charlotte, north carolina. the severe weather destroyed homes and damaged others and some brand new video shows several dozen trees laying on the ground and debris littering that ground there. many parts of tennessee were affected from the city of ottawa. we just received this video showing damage filling the street and stuck with trees. many homes lost parts of their roof, but most devastation is in southern indiana. this in the town of henriville and we're getting a good look at the damage and entire homes are ripped from their foundations and are surrounded by dozens of downed trees. the most dramatic image may be the school busses tossed around like toys. children escaped to safety just moments before the storm struck. those who survived are stunned at the destruction, but they do remain hopeful. here's what they told lester holt. >> i put her in the basemen
Mar 4, 2012 3:00am PST
indiana to georgia. at least 37 people are dead. now the focus has changed and survivors, scores of jurtd people are waking up in hospitals this morning. their homes and the homes of their neighbors are gone. people are now picking through the rubble to find anything they can salvage. officials in west liberty, kentucky, say they are thankful the damage wasn't worse, even as the town was devastated by 135-mile-per-hour winds and one reported death. rob marciano getting a look at some of west liberty's hardest hit areas. good morning to you. tell us what you are seeing today. >> well, gary, finally today they have been able to clear the main roads enough to where larger vehicles can get through, including trucks carrying power poles, emergency crews, and for the first time we're able to show you these pictures life and over my shoulder. that tells you the story. some well built brick and mortar commercial buildings torn p like really i've never seen it. an ef-3 tornado coming through here with winds at 140 miles per hour. not that building, but the bank has been here for 100 years. that bu
FOX News
Mar 3, 2012 1:00pm PST
weather is endangering millions of people, indiana more than a dozen have been killed. a string of storms barreling down wiping out small towns leveling countless buildings damaged and torn apart. kentucky, reports of 19 killed. national guard and state police are out in full force searching the wreckage for those missing beneath the rubble and debris. ohio also digging out. three deaths record there. the storm crushing blocks of homes leveling everything in their past. we have extensive team coverage beginning with mike tobin. >> reporter: i'm standing next to a school bus that had dropped students to sheik shelter. you can see where it's located now. it is inside the bud rose restaurant. this was bought back by bud rose just one month and one day ago. they served the high school out here. we've seen bud rose and his family to clean this place up. they had the place open for a short period of time, looked across the street. saw the bus rolling in their direction. one of the things bud rose is glad to tell me, they got everyone down in the basement and no one was hurt inside the restauran
Mar 3, 2012 9:00am EST
yesterday alone. it issued 189 in all of february. >>> and henryville indiana was one of the communities that was hardest hit yesterday. much of the town was decimated in just a matter of minutes. we'll have a live report there coming up in just a couple of seconds. but the video and all of the images we've seen this morning are absolutely -- i mean, impressive, breathtaking. things you really only see in movies. >> the clear picture of absolute devastation. we've been following lester holt all morning long. nbc news has had crews there on the scene. you can see high schools completely leveled. school buses completely turned over on their side. just a tragic, tragic situation out there. >> let's go to a live report now. nbc news's kyra kinear. >> reporter: forecasters had been predicting a severe storm to come through. what actually happened last night could have never been guessed. as we take a look at the images here, you can see behind me, this used to be henryville high school, what is left of it. the adjacent building is the middle school. the roof completely blown off. to the north
Mar 2, 2012 3:00pm PST
captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: two indiana towns were heavily damaged today as a powerful wave of violent weather moved from the gulf coast to the great lakes. good evening. i'm jeffrey brown. >> suarez: and i'm ray suarez. on the newshour tonight, we get an update on the situation from meteorologist gregg carbin with the national weather service storm prediction center. >> brown: then, we get the latest on the syrian situation, and hear from wounded british photographer paul conroy, who was smuggled out earlier this week. >> suarez: and we also talk with turkey's ambassador to the united states about the international response to the humanitarian crisis on its doorstep. >> brown: plus, margaret warner reports from moscow on the upcoming elections as valdimir putin seeks to regain the presidency. >> suarez: and mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: bnsf railway. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technolo
Mar 3, 2012 7:00am PST
the latest on damage from indiana and tennessee and kentucky coming up in just about 15 minutes. >>> $34 million worth of meth is off the streets after one of the biggest drug busts in u.s. history. it went down at the san jose woods apartment complex at the corner of snell and capital expressway. the bust started with a door knock by palo alto police detectives who were serving a search warrant in their investigation into stolen ipads. while doing that search, the detectives stumbled upon 750 pounds of meth. they called the dea, san jose police and the district attorney's office of santa clara county. what they found wasn't just a load of drugs, it was also a conversion lab where methamphetamine was being turned into its chris cal form. >> it's believed to be one of the largest methamphetamine seizures in u.s. history. boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes filled with bags and bags and bags of methamphetamine. >> three people are not under arrest on drug charges. until now, the biggest bust was a 600-pound seizure in gilroy just a few years back. in san jose, three more children are claim
Mar 5, 2012 4:30am PST
after a storm killed her parents and two siblings in indiana. in henryville, indiana, school has been canceled for the entire week. that's because of heavy damage to campuses that house students from elementary to high school. but still, somehow, people manage to find reasons for optimism. >> we came over the hill and saw the steeple was here. so we knew that the church was still here. and that to us was a symbol. and also to find god as people of faith. >> crews in the affected areas are working hard to restore units. 19,000 homes and businesses are still without power in kentucky alone. >>> 4:36. >>> there was a warning, 20 years before the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. a retired geologist for pacific gas and electric said he told the company in 1990 that the section of pipe that exploded in 2010 should be replaced. the are chronicle reports he felt it was dangerous because it was built on fill that could settle. pg&e has not released the geologist's report. >>> investigators are trying to determine if squatters in san francisco caused a fire that displaced 28 people. the
Mar 17, 2012 8:00am PDT
in the trayvon martin case. >>> and new video of the tornado that barreled through henryville, indiana, earlier this month. all that coming up this hour. >>> this morning we know the name of the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians and where he's being held. the suspect is army staff sergeant robert bachlles. he's now in custody at ft. leavenworth in kansas by himself. he's married, a father of two kids. this was his first tour of duty in afghanistan but he's done three tours in iraq. here's what neighbors had to say about him. >> completely shocked. >> i would describe him as super fun to hang around with, kind of the life of the party. super loving, friendly to everybody he met, great with his kids. i just -- i don't -- i don't see how that has happened. i never saw any signs of marital problems. they always -- happy family, normal family. i mean we would go over there for birthday parties and they would come to my kids' birthday parties. they would -- always happy. happy day, you know. i don't know. >> we're learning more about bales through the people who know or knew him. cn
Mar 4, 2012 6:00am EST
now from one of the hardest hit places over the weekend, henryville, indiana. >> reporter: this morning, cleanup crews will storm the hardest hit areas of tornado alley, sifting through miles of debris, all that's left from so many communities and lives ripped apart by the storms. >> tragic, terrible. i mean, it's just like, one minute you're here and then you're gone. >> reporter: a disaster spread by at least 100 tornadoes that left deep, painful scars across at least a dozen states. >> he was the greatest love of my life. >> reporter: cheryl pickett's husband, ron, wasn't supposed to be home when the storms hit. >> he shouldn't have been here. he came home early from work because he didn't feel good and wanted to take a nap. >> reporter: he died when a twister ripped apart their home, and now cheryl, who had been planning a celebration for their 40th wedding anniversary. >> we were going to have a hell of a party. >> reporter: now, instead, she must prepare for a funeral. across tornado alley, for many, the only thing left to hold on to is each other, and they understan
Mar 4, 2012 8:00am EST
's midsection pretty hard. rescue teams continued to search for survivors. we report from henrico, indiana. >> reporter: new video shows that this tornado plowing through this town in southern indiana friday. the national weather service determined to tornadoes hit the town. one packing winds of up to 175 miles per hour. >> it's definitely on the ground now. >> with her father, he left the school friday afternoon with a bus full of kids, trying to get them all home before the storm came, but he ran out of time with a couple kids onboard and made the decision to seek shelter at a church basement possibly saving their lives. >> in two or three minutes it hit and went right over the church. we watched it through the windows out of the church basement. >> the national weather service says the tornado that measured about 150 yards across was on the ground for an astonishing 52 minutes and left behind mangled cars, downed power lines, and destruction for miles. teams are searching for survivors. as the overwhelming cleanup begins. >> i am here to do everything i can to get what is important to u
Mar 5, 2012 2:00am PST
all hoping would survive. she was a victim of last friday's deadly storm in indiana. taken from her home, found in a field, on life support. the family has made the decision to take her off life support. she is the 39th casualty now of friday's storms. >>> president obama preparing for a face-to-face showdown this morning with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. on the table, how to handle iran and its nuclear program. >>> and rush limbaugh stepping in it big time and the advertisers are dropping like flies, folks, bailing, because it just ain't right to call a law student a slut. why doesn't he get it? can the champion of the right overcome this or would this possibly become his imus moment. >> is it ever okay to call someone a slut? >> having been called a slut by one of my colleagues on the air, i would say it's not. so shut your cake hole, limbaugh. >> i came back to this nasty talk. >>> and this little girl we've been following. >> awful story. it's one of many we followed along the way following tornadoes. some of the pictures tend to look a lot the same. i keep calling
Mar 5, 2012 4:00am PST
. an indiana toddler named angel backcock who was found in a field after the tornado destroyed their family mobile home died yesterday. she was taken off life support. the 15-month-old's death brings the overall toll now from friday's storms to 39. that's across five states. >>> kentucky has suffered the most fatalities with 21 people dying there. indiana has lost 13 people. there were three deaths in ohio and one each in alabama and georgia. rescuers are still going door to door in rural areas just to make sure there are no other victims buried under the rubble. in hard hit henryville, indiana, cell phone signals have been hard to find. the internet has been out and electricity is out. >>> much different area in the bay area. >>> there are foggy continues. we're clear inland but coastal clouds and fog to deal with. stps are in the -- temperatures are in the 40s. here's where you see visibility under a quarter of a mile, those areas in red. so a little foggy in spots. we'll have a extended forecast coming up in a minute and talk about the rain expected to come to the bay area overnight toni
Mar 7, 2012 7:00am PST
to go. >>darya: in indiana, at least 42 tornadoes struck 10 states on friday. 13 people were killed from tornadoes and indiana. a massive brushfire said smoke and flames into the air over buckeye arizona. more than 300 a. over scorched. >>mark: same man at center howff a u2 video of asking for professional help if as he is losing -- he is seven accounts and trying to lose hundreds of pounds. >> it is a well time to cry for help. his mortality risk is through roof. >> the first thing i want to do is look in the night and see how serious he is and whether he is willing to do what it takes. >>mark: he will be meeting with dr. phil today. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. did not go away. here is a live look in san jose. it is a little bit windy in san jose, 42 with high of 64. >>darya: here is a look at top stories we're covering. police are trying to figure out the motive behind a shooting that happened in sunnyvale. there were two bodies found inside of that home. from the and santorum are each claiming a victory after the big super tuesday vote yesterday. today, a
Mar 3, 2012 5:00pm PST
night. crews found the little girl in a field in washington county, indiana, they say she is in critical condition tonight. she was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was stabilized and then airlifted to a children's hospital in louisville, kentucky. that hospital is trying to keep track of all the new patients coming in. >> we went into disaster mode. not sure how many children we were going to get from the devastation that occurred in indiana and we have tags and we put arm bands and everything on the children. just to identify them. and found out pretty quickly that nobody came with this little girl. >> authorities now say they have identified the little girl, a hospital spokesperson says both her parents, her 3-year-old brother and her 2-month-old sister were killed in the tornadoes. >>> and around here, the weather was absolutely gorgeous today. very different. we're going to check in with meteorologist rob mayeda with what's going on with the crazy weather we've had this week. >> we've gone from rain and snow, to temperatures that could be getngtilose to 80 degrees in some spot
Feb 29, 2012 5:00pm PST
, illinois, indiana, kentucky and tennessee. some survivors say it sounded like a bomb going off. more than one dozen tornadoes causing overnight damage in several midwestern states. >> the storm came in with such a frost, you could not even open the doors of the firehouse. the level it was hit especially hard. the tornado was estimated as an f for, the second most powerful of the readings field. homes were reduced to splinter rubble. this home was damaged, walls were destroyed, exposing this patient's room to the elements. residents in nebraska, kansas, missouri, indiana and kentucky have all lost their homes. >> before i knew it, i was upside down. a driver, a friend of mine was still in the back. i had to pull him out. >> tornadoes are a way of life for these states. that does not make the sudden destruction any less painful. >>grant: here is video of one of the tornadoes shot by a storm kezar. the storm is not done. officials and residents are bracing in the southeast u.s.. more tornadoes are possible. thunderstorms are definite and winds are expected to reach 80 mi. per hour. >>pam: on
Mar 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
the area to find belongings. a 15 month old indiana girl died after clinging to life for two days. she was laid to rest and buried with her parents and siblings. as many as 40 tornadoes ripped through 10 states on friday killing 40 people. crews in new mexico were to recover the body of a little boy. the four year-old had fallen into a well. reaching the body has been tough. police use cameras to determine if the child was there. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from the golden gate. we're still seeing sunshine on this side of the bridge. near the close line we're seeing fog. we have a system driven across the bay area for tomorrow. when gusts up to 50 mi. an hour. more on that in a moment. conditions are quite cool close to the coastline. current wind speeds are 29 mi. per hour at sfo. the wind advisories in effect for the entire bay area. winds are 20-30 mi. an hour for tomorrow with gusts up to 40-50 m.p.h.. more on the wind and rain coming up in just a bit. >>pam: unbelievable images of a helicopter crash in arizona and the the police officer hailed as a hero after an ice r
Mar 19, 2012 4:00am PDT
in illinois, after a weekend appearance in indiana, refusing calls to step aside, he claimed he was in the contest for a long haul because romney is weak front-runner. the duggar family hit chicago area churches to stump for santorum. >>> and president obama took on the nation's bullies last night, lending his star power at a do. ry aimed at children. the film features heart-wrenching personal stories for children that have been harassed. the president said, to the parents and steecherrors stand up. for the children speak up. >> it's wrong. everyone has to take action against bullying. >> the white house estimates that 13 million students are bullied reach year. >>> it's time for the weather across the nation. the adingsdition to the severe weather, look for thunderstorms in minneapolis. showers from pittsburgh to the carolinas. the eastern half of the country still feels more like summer. >> 80s from dallas to hotlanta. near 80 in chicago. 75 in 75 in kansas city. 40s in the pacific northwest. sacramento, 55. >> i left chicago not long ago. my friend said you l
Mar 3, 2012 5:30pm PST
is in henryv, indiana with the latest. su. wayne jones is shifting thrh what's left of his henryvil, to work around the clock to search for for the missing d where she used to work. >> i don't see any possible way anybody could have survived this. >> the tornado that came through henryville moved with such force, it blew the back wall off of the high school gym here. devastation like this stretches across the midwest and south. a shot from the air shows the storm's path through kentucky, in a town of west liberty, the national guard joined state police searching for survivors. residents who got out alive are not allowed to go home yet. >> it was declared marshal law and we are asking everybody to stay out. as you can see it, is a very dangerous area. >> in ohio, a twister tore up the town of moscow. and at least one person died in alabama. where the first storm started friday morning. back in henryville, wayne jones is trying to stay positive. >> i have insurance that covers everything. i will just pay everything off. and start over. >> reporter: jones will have to start with finding a new p
Mar 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
,000 homes and businesses are in the dark in kentucky and indiana. >>> will it be winners take all. 419 delegates are up for grabs on the most crucial day of the republican campaign. new polls show mitt romney has caught up with rival rick santorum in ohio. the question is will march 6 be the day he takes the lead once and for all or will santorum pull out a surprise victory. >>> layola university pulls out a win. they'll have to wait until supd -- sunday to find out who they're playing next. mark will have more in sports. >>> the obstacle that made it difficult for firefighters to put this fire out. >>> he was living proof of a new era of medicine. christopher lyle had a controversial surgery. how it's been working out for him. >> we have a check of the weather after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is 33 degrees and breezy in central maryland and breezy. >>> unsuspected motorists sent skidding. no major injuries were reported. >>> a tour bus leaving the hoover dam catches fire. the passengers got off before it became fully engulfed. firefighters say they had trouble putting out the
Mar 20, 2012 4:30am EDT
for women. researchers from indiana found some women can expert or gasms when they are -- or gasms when they are doing certain exercises. weight lifting and yoga. 40% of women surveyed claimed it happened to them more than ten times. >>> police are investigating break ins at two medical facilities, authorities are wondering for the crimes are politically motivated. two offices have been broken in to in the last two weeks. the thieves took laptop computers, all laptops stolen contain professional and personal information of more than 1000 doctors. the part that has law enforcement think they are connected is because they are lobbying against antiabortion bills by the general assembly in the state. >>> this morning, the mayor of a town in alabama has kept secret from his residents. he worked under cover for the fbi. he was working to put illegal gamers out of business. harris was wearing wires for the fbi and made an agreement with the now defendants to keep quiet about gaming facilities. the plea deal was entered on thursday in exchange for a lesser sentence. >>> a school district in mas
Mar 26, 2012 12:00pm EDT
the chair and i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from indiana. mr. coats: mr. president, this past friday marked the two-year anniversary of the passage of the affordable care act, otherwise known as obama-care. that law was signed into -- or that bill was signs into law just two years ago this last -- signed into law just two years ago this last friday. waicht in the senate at the time -- i wasn't in the senate at the time. i was actually in the state of indiana campaigning to be in the senate as a representative of that state. and as such, i had a very considerable amount of time crisscrossing the state and talking to hoosiers about the health care plan and their response to what was going on in congress and to the passage of that law. from small diners and restaurants all across indiana to visits to small business, large business, medium-sized business, big industrial giants, small mom-and-pop operations, medical providers, ordinary citizens -- we in indiana joined the nearly two-thirds, or perhaps even more than the two-thirds of the rest of the country, that polled
Mar 7, 2012 7:00am EST
. >> also coming up, a harrowing story we brought you on tuesday. an indiana mother who protected her kids by laying on top of them as a tornado ripped apart their home and because of her brave actions she lost part of both legs but her kids survived without a scratch. this morning she'll share her story. and a new drama at nicollette sheridan's wrongful termination lawsuit. how the central argument that she was fired from "desperate housewives" in re-al tags got a big hit on tuesday. >> let's begin with the act of tough love from a north carolina father who fired nine shots into his daughter's laptop. we'll talk to them in a moment. first mark potter has the story from the very place where it all began. mark, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. when tommy jordan got up from this chair in this field and shot that computer those were shots heard around the world and seen by millions of people. now he, his wife and daughter are speaking about it publically for the first time after apparently burying the hatchet -- or at least the handgun. tommy jordan and his teenage daught
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